Warranties and Insurance

Extended Cyber Protections

The ACP Warranty
ACP is currently one of the only leading cyber security companies that offers a warranty on their services.

For organisations that use ECSM®, ACP offers a warranty for each protection activated through the platform. If an ACP service does not perform as designated, ACP will remedy the situation.

Pioneering Cyber Insurance Standards
ACP is working with world class insurers and businesses to set standards for the protections that need to be in place for a company to qualify for cyber insurance and reduce premiums.

As part of this effort, ACP is in the process of amassing data on cyber intrusions across different organisations. Once aggregated, this data will inform cyber insurance policies in terms of the risks faced, the loss provisions included, and the premiums charged for different levels of coverage.

The ECSM platform, combined with the management of human factors risk, is emerging as an industry standard of cyber protection that qualifies a company for cyber insurance and reduced premium payments for coverage.

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