You can't secure what you can't see. We can.

Continuously monitor, detect and protect against cyber attack with comprehensive security solutions. A single view management dashboard provides real-time visibility of vulnerabilities and threats.

The average cost of cyber crime for an organisation was $13M

ECSM® (Enterprise Cyber Security Management) is our state-of-the-art Cyber Security & Management System for uncompromising cyber immunity and security. Comprehensive protection with a holistic range of features: access control, anti-phishing, asset protection, endpoint control, supply chain detection, and remote worker protection. Continuous monitoring and detection of network traffic, machine activity and user interactions through a single dashboard provides real-time visibility of vulnerabilities and threats.

Cyber Protection

Perimeter Security

Password Protection

Supply Chain
Risk Reporting

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access control

assured cyber protection Patch and Vulnerability Management

Patch & Vulnerability Management

intrusion detection

user behaviour

Defend remote workers from breaches using proven technology

Remote Cyber Protection

Remote Cyber Protection integrates with pre-existent cyber security in your IT environment.

  • ACP Phishing Protection
  • ACP Endpoint Protection
  • ACP Continuous Monitoring
1 %

Cyber attacks increase in March
Remote workers were the target
1 Seconds

Frequency of hacker attacks
That's an average of 2,244 times a day

Protect every device connected to your network

Access Control

ACP Access Control automatically scans and detects cyber vulnerabilities, providing to-the-second response and prioritisation of issues. Real-time visibility across every endpoint allows you to view adversary activities and respond to them immediately.

Proactively alert on potential threats to resolve problems before they become breaches

Vulnerability & Patch Management

Vulnerability & Patch Management helps automate auditing, compliance and protection of IT systems and web applications, reducing risk and ensuring efficiency.

1 Days

This is the average cost in time of a malware attack

Automated defences to control and adapt to incoming threats

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security utilises machine learning to automatically score digital threats, updating an active blacklist to reinforce and manage your firewall.

Powerful enterprise-wide password management and control

Password Protection

Password Protection defines the strength of passwords by length, complexity and special character choice. Each password is checked against a list of known compromised accounts, verifying integrity and ensuring the highest login security.

Number of companies that have over 500 accounts with non-expiring passwords

0 Days
The average time to identify a breach ​

digital tripwires across high-value assets reduce cyber response time

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection creates files that appear with out-of-date protection or easily compromised passwords, providing a target for attacks. Should an attacker gain access, the module instantly alerts, providing real-time intrusion diagnostics and keeping attackers occupied.

In-depth expert supply chain cyber risk analysis

Supply Chain Risk Reporting

Supply Chain Risk Reporting utilises a combination of expert consultancy and cyber security analytics to evaluate each node of an enterprise supply chain.

Supply chain attacks
have increased
by 78% YoY

malware delivered by email


What could have been prevented

Efficient cyber awareness training and powerful email protection

User Behaviour Security

User Behaviour Security both aids and informs employees, scanning online activity for malicious content whilst also educating those most at risk. Advanced analytics software scans websites for possible malware or phishing, automatically quarantining suspect communications.