Mitchell Scherr


Mitchell Scherr is an innovator and recognized digital data pioneer. Mitch is now applying his more than 26 years’ experience in the information and technology industry to helping companies and governments build cyber immunity to detect, prevent, and deter cyber crime.

Before founding ACP, Mitch led think tanks and advised the highest levels of government in developing and implementing breakthrough digital programmes that exponentially increased enterprise capabilities and delivery of services.

John Reynolds


John Reynolds is an acclaimed investor, entrepreneur, and board director. John brings a vast range of experience and connections to ACP from his array of technology-based private investments, as well as financial acumen and strategic leadership built up over the past 35 years.

John initially forged his career in the City of London as an Economist and Investment Strategist, quickly rising to prominence and top rated in his field (Extel) before taking on senior executive roles at major investment banking and asset management firms.

James Elwen


James Elwen is an experienced transactional lawyer providing legal and regulatory advice and support to the board and is also responsible for the contractual arrangements intra-group and with customers and suppliers. As a partner in an international law firm, he set up and ran an office in the Middle East for several years before leaving to set up his own digital innovation company and business consultancy.

Using his own experience of having successfully established and run companies, James has a parallel role as EVP of corporate development, working with the board to identify and refine strategic direction for the company in new disciplines and territories.

Lee Mora


Lee Mora is an experienced technology professional with a strong foundation in software engineering and a special focus in cyber security and data visualization. Lee is now applying more than 12 years of industry experience to help build and maintain ACP’s position as a global leader in cyber security through the development of its innovative technology portfolio and its flagship product, ECSM.

Prior to joining ACP, Lee was a consultant for several fortune 500 companies and led design and engineering efforts on a variety of cutting edge technology platforms.

Jeremy Lloyd


Jeremy is an experienced executive board member specialising in technology and security, with a strong commercial focus and excellent appreciation for legal and corporate governance matters, together with a broad industry knowledge and a deep understanding of software development and supporting infrastructure.

Jeremy adds value to any technology-focused small/medium business, advising on any aspect of information security, validating their software development assets, the software development process, and corporate risk management.

Andrew Clarke, MSc FCMI


Andrew Clarke is an internationally established strategic advisor and defence and security specialist with 20+ years’ experience leading operational delivery teams in both private and public sectors.

Before co-founding ACP, and following a significant career leading specialist military capability, he advised governments on defence and security, resilience, emergency measures and preparedness. Now, using his experience of planning and implementing several national level security programmes he is leading ACP’s strategic initiative to deliver cyber insurance and warranty solutions.

Mark I. Sirkin, PhD


Mark Sirkin is an expert in the application of psychology to business challenges. He leads ACP’s approach to the human side of cyber immunity, helping the company assess individual, team, and organisational vulnerabilities for our clients, and helping management become stewards of cyber policy and processes. He is the Past-President of the Society of Consulting Psychology.

In addition, he heads ACP’s Board of Advisors which is comprised of business and NGO leaders from a range of fields to help ACP stay current, and one step ahead, of innovations in the field.

Victoria Brush


Victoria Brush has a career spanning nearly 25 years, holding several senior human resource positions at global companies ranging from telecom to high-tech to specialty chemicals and healthcare.  She has also consulted to venture-funded start-ups about their human resource infrastructure, including organizational design, compensation, and benefits.

Prior to joining ACP, Brush was an HR Business Partner for Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics where she provided HR leadership to 230 clinics located across the western US.

In partnership with Assured Cyber Protection, our new services are designed to help businesses quantify their cyber security risk and take affirmative action to mitigate against it. They will also help members demonstrate their cyber security safeguards to customers and suppliers, an ever more necessary requirement for businesses to operate in our sector.

Stephen Phipson
CBE, Chief Executive Officer, MAKE UK

Cyber security is such an important part of any successful business and yet many businesses still treat it as a “it won’t happen to me” event. I would encourage all companies to talk to ACP so that they can assess the risks that your business and supply chain face and provide protection and mitigation. ACP can give you total confidence that your business, your intellectual property, and your supply chain are safe and secure with real time monitoring.

Andrew Kinniburgh
Director General, NDI, Defense Trade Association

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