Cyber Security For Hospitality

Protect your business from financial loss, operational disruption, and reputation damage using our Cyber Risk Mitigation package designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

The Problem

With the growing dependency on technology in the hotel industry, the need for reliable cyber security has never been greater.

Cyber attacks can have a major impact on a hotel’s bottom line. In addition to the direct costs associated with cyber security breaches, such as ransomware payments and recovery expenses, hotels also face indirect costs from lost revenue and damage to their reputation. A single cyber attack can cost a hotel millions, and in some cases, force them out of business entirely.

The pressure to modernise and keep pace with guest expectations has created exponential risk for hotels.

Hospitality Security Challenges

Hospitality providers are constantly adding new technologies and features to their networks in response to guest requirements. For example, COVID-19 led to guests demanding contactless check-in. New technologies and connections to the network may present additional security risks that need to be considered.

A Tenable commissioned study found that most (94%) organizations suffered a cyber attack in the past 12 months. Almost three-quarters of the businesses attributed these cyber attacks to vulnerabilities in technology put in place during the pandemic.

Hospitality providers are constantly adding new technologies and features to their networks in response to guest requirements. For example, COVID-19 led to guests demanding contactless check-in. New technologies and connections to the network may present additional security risks that need to be considered.

Direct physical access to a target network is a massive advantage for a hacker. Hospitality providers typically have networked devices in publicly accessible locations and must take extra precautions to protect these devices and other vulnerable systems such as guest WiFi networks.

Humans are often the weakest link in a network. A combination of high churn and low cyber awareness among employees (many of whom are young and active on social media) creates a significant risk, because it makes it difficult to ensure employees are properly trained to spot attacks and avoid accidentally endangering the organisation.

Most hospitality providers have large supplier ecosystems and rely on technology sold by many different companies. Each relationship and dependency are a potential weakness, however, keeping track of them and ensuring all software and integrations remain up-to-date is a significant challenge.

The Solution

A fully managed cyber service designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry

Our cyber security service for hospitality is designed specifically to protect hotels and their guests from the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. By proactively monitoring and managing industry-specific cyber risks, we help hotels avoid the costly consequences of a breach and keep business operations running smoothly. 

Business Benefits

24/7 Managed Threat Detection

Our Managed Detection & Response service provides 24/7 monitoring and threat protection, backed by an experienced team of cyber security analysts. In the event of a breach, we help your IT team contain the damage and limit the exposure of sensitive data.

 Vulnerability Management

Our ongoing Vulnerability Management program continuously scans your systems for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other potential threats. We generate daily risk reports and make recommendations on how to address each issue.

Cyber Awareness Training

Our Cyber Awareness program turns your organisation’s greatest weakness into its first line of defense. We teach your workers how to identify and avoid phishing attacks, how to spot malicious websites, and how to avoid online behaviour that may negatively impact your hospitality business. 

Cyber Security Advisory

Our team of certified security leads work closely with you to develop a roadmap for continuous cyber improvement and provide timely advice and support for security decisions, incident remediation, board briefings, policy development, and more.

Tailored for industry-specific cyber Risks

Protecting Property Management Systems

Hotels use property management systems (PMS) to manage everything from reservations and guest check-in/check-out, to room service and housekeeping. These systems are key targets for hackers and often contain a wealth of sensitive information, including guest credit card data and contact details. A cyber attack on a hotel’s PMS can have serious consequences, ranging from the loss of guest data to the complete shutdown of hotel operations. 

As a mission critical system and high value target for attackers, we focus on protecting the PMS at all costs. We begin by assessing:

  • Security features and vulnerabilities of the PMS application
  • Setup, configuration, and position of the PMS on the hotel network
  • User access control, authentication mechanisms, and online credential exposure

Based on these findings, we develop a custom strategy for reducing cyber risk to the PMS. Our recommendations are informed by decades of experience designing secure systems and supported by publications such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special guidance on Securing PMS NIST Special Publication [SP] 1800-27 a, b, c. 

Mitigating Risk from IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the hospitality industry, making it possible for guests to control everything from the temperature in their room to the drapes and lighting with the touch of a button. While this level of convenience is great for guests, it also presents a new challenge for hoteliers when it comes to cyber security. IoT devices are often not as secure as traditional computing devices and can provide attackers with a gateway into a hotel’s network.

When evaluating the risk posed by IoT devices, we consider factors such as:

  • The type of device, it’s manufacturer, and its intended use
  • How and where the device is connected to the hotel network
  • What data the device collects and stores
  • Whether or not the device has been properly configured and secured

Based on our findings, we work with hoteliers to develop a comprehensive IoT security strategy that includes device hardening, network segmentation, and data encryption. 

Delivered in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our baseline risk assessment identifies threats and weaknesses attackers may exploit to compromise your business.

Step 2

Guided Remediation

We help close security gaps and tailor our protective monitoring solution to detect specific risks to your business.

Step 3

Ongoing Monitoring

We provide around-the-clock monitoring of your systems to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Cyber Security is not a luxury- it's a necessity

Hotels must take steps to protect their guests’ information and ensure that their operational systems are secure. By enrolling in our Cyber Risk Mitigation package, hotels can safeguard their guests’ information, protect their reputation, and keep operations running safely and securely.

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