Human Factors

Managing the Cyber Risk of People, Policies, Process

Research has repeatedly shown that the greatest single risk to cyber security is people, whether their actions are inadvertent or purposefully malicious. For ACP, understanding and protecting the risk posed by human behaviour is an integral part of the cyber immunity solution.

The ACP division dedicated to the study and management of human factors in cyber security is currently employing a unique approach designed to prevent the kind of behavior that results in successful cyber attacks.

This methodology includes, for example, identifying employees who may be most susceptible to cyber scams, such as phishing, and providing them with training that heightens their cyber awareness. Information gathered during the assessment, as well as participation in a training program, is being made accessible through the ECSM platform.

As part of the human factors assessment, ACP also recommends changes to policies and procedures that will tighten cyber security to further protect an organisation’s digital assets and proprietary information.

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