Defence-in-Depth Technology

ECSM: Industry-Defining Technology and Dashboard

Engineered by ACP to build cyber immunity for your organisation, Enterprise Cyber Security Management®, or ECSM, seamlessly interweaves best-of-breed security technologies into a single platform.

The integration of these technologies provides a uniquely hard to penetrate, defence-in-depth protection that is exponentially more effective than a patchworked combination of applications that offer specific but limited cyber security.

Priced for the SME Market

ACP provides ECSM protections at a substantially lower price than is typically offered by individual technology suppliers. As a result, ACP’s low-cost yet comprehensive solution makes it ideally suited for small and medium size businesses as well as large enterprises.

Single Pane Displays Tell All

The ECSM dashboard features single pane views that can display your organisation’s entire cyber security profile with traffic signal simplicity. The user-defined panes can be configured to provide top-down overviews for senior executives or increasingly detailed analyses for IT and other departments. With traffic signal simplicity, the red-amber-green dashboard indicators display at a glance the strengths and weaknesses of your cyber risk protections.

Continuous, Real-Time Monitoring

The ECSM platform continuously monitors the strength of your organisation’s cyber protections across your entire network and flags existing vulnerabilities and imminent threats. When problems are detected, ECSM automatically issues alerts and initiates immediate remedial actions to deter or mitigate the threat. Up-to-the minute monitoring lets you respond quickly to an impending cyber attack, or prevent one from ever occurring.

Stepped-Up Protections

The ECSM platform can seamlessly incorporate cyber security applications from other suppliers as well as new, more powerful cyber technologies as they become available. With the ACP solution, your protection is never obsolete and each enhancement continues to strengthen your cyber immunity.

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ECSM Protections

The ECSM platform offers a range of protections that together build your enterprise’s cyber immunity. You can select any or all of these protections initially, depending on protections you already have in place. Whatever level of protection you choose, you can always add others over time to meet new cyber threats that arise.

The ECSM platform provides the following protections for your organization, available on a bespoke/custom basis:

ACP All Device Protection Protects end points and connected devices throughout an expanding cyber perimeter
ACP Intrusion Detection Deploys tripwires which send alerts when triggered
ACP Vulnerability Management Continually checks for mis-configured, out-of-date, or no longer supported software and sends detailed alerts identifying problem
ACP Secure Group Communications A totally encrypted system that ensures the fully private and secure transfer of sensitive digital information within a designated group
User Awareness Security Provides simulated phishing emails to identify susceptible users in need of cyber training

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