Cyber Stewardship

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

Traditionally viewed as an IT function, the responsibility for cyber security is increasingly the responsibility of every employee, with a special focus on top-down leadership and guidance.

An attack occurring at any level in the organisation can result not only in substantial financial losses, but also in impeded operations, reputational damage, reduced company value, and even fines for non-compliance. A compromised system can disrupt supply chain connections, leading to breaks with long-time partners and jeopardizing new business opportunities.

Given the expanding impact of successful cyber on all aspects of a business, senior executives and Boards of Directors have increased responsibility for ensuring that the proper policies and procedures are in place to deter a growing array of cyber attacks.

To support top-down guidance in cyber protection, the ECSM platform provides high-level views of an enterprise’s entire profile and clearly signals vulnerabilities that merit immediate attention and remediation.

ACP Protections and Cyber Stewardship

To promote cyber stewardship, the ECSM dashboard was developed by ACP to provide executives at all levels of an organisation with both high level and increasingly granular views of an organisation’s cyber profile and impending threats. The highly dynamic, real time displays enable true cyber stewardship: everyone in the organisation, at each level, starting with the C-Suite, is actively engaged in assessing, understanding, and responding to areas of cyber risk.

Organisational leaders can further enhance their digital stewardship through ACP’s human factors assessments and systems-generated solutions, which controls for the cyber risk posed by employees–the most common cause of successful cyber attacks. ACP can also work with senior executives to provide a level of protection that helps ensure their cyber insurance will provide the level of coverage they need following a cyber loss.

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