ACP Partnership with Make UK

ACP’s partnership with Make UK is an initiative designed to provide manufacturers in the United Kingdom with the tools to understand and manage cyber security. Make UK are pioneers of British innovation, providing over 60% of the country’s manufacturers with advice, guidance and support in all aspects of business. They lead the way in developing key skills and driving competitive advantage.

ACP have developed a powerful suite of cyber security services to provide bespoke solutions that meet the individual requirements of Make UK’s membership. Our major focus is to simplify the complexity of cyber security; often enterprises don’t fully understand why they need protection or how to implement it. Over 40% of businesses will experience a cyber security breach in the next year and so we know that it is an important topic, and hope provide the consultancy and services required to protect UK organisations.

With significant expertise and a number of years of combined experience, ACP are well-placed to work with Make UK’s members. Our innovation and agility is essential in a world where the threats are changing every day.

With particular attention on SMEs, we aim to inoculate the UK’s manufacturing sector against the rising tide of cyber-risks. Using the latest technology, we will ensure that businesses remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunities that technology can bring. Our solutions are highly customisable and can seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure to cover security gaps. Whether the threat is from phishing campaigns or advanced persistent threats, ACP provides a toolkit to prevent system breach, and maintain continuity.

Manufacturers can safely continue their business with the knowledge that they are assured and protected by Make UK’s Cyber Services powered by ACP.