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We assure that we've done everything we can to mitigate cyber risk within your organisation

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Assured Cyber Protection is a global technology partner empowering organisations to protect their most valuable assets, people, and data from cyber-attacks.

Our team of world-class cyber security and behavioural experts have brought cyber security to the market in a way that no other organisation has, intelligently connecting people, technology, and data to keep businesses secure, resilient and sustainable in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Our team members have an excellent industry reputation across private, government and military clients and are qualified to serve as expert witnesses in the court of law.

Executive Management

Mitchell Scherr

Mitchell Scherr is an innovator and recognised digital data pioneer. Mitch is now applying his more than 28 years’ experience in the information and technology industry to helping companies and governments build cyber immunity to detect, prevent, and deter cyber crime.

Before founding ACP, Mitch led think tanks and advised the highest levels of government in developing and implementing breakthrough digital programmes that exponentially increased enterprise capabilities and delivery of services.

James Elwen

James Elwen is an experienced transactional lawyer providing legal and regulatory advice and support to the board and is also responsible for the contractual arrangements intra-group and with customers and suppliers. As a partner in an international law firm, he set up and ran an office in the Middle East for several years before leaving to set up his own digital innovation company and business consultancy.

Using his own experience of having successfully established and run companies, James has a parallel role as EVP of corporate development, working with the board to identify and refine strategic direction for the company in new disciplines and territories.

Andrew Clarke MSc FCMI

Andrew Clarke is an internationally established strategic advisor and defence and security specialist with 20+ years’ experience leading operational delivery teams in both private and public sectors.

Before co-founding ACP, and following a significant career leading specialist military capability, he advised governments on defence and security, resilience, emergency measures and preparedness. Andrew has a comprehensive understanding of ACP and now leads our strategic partnership initiatives and development of new markets globally.

Lee Mora

Lee Mora is an experienced cyber security professional with a strong foundation in software engineering and a special focus in advanced data visualization. Lee is now applying more than 12 years of industry experience to help build and maintain ACP’s position as a global leader in cyber security through the development of its innovative technology portfolio and its flagship product, ECSM.

Prior to joining ACP, Lee was a consultant for fortune 500 companies and led design and engineering efforts on a variety of cutting edge technology platforms.

Si Pavitt

Si Pavitt is the head of the UK Ministry of Defence Cyber Awareness, Behaviours, and Culture (CyAB&C) team under the Directorate of Cyber Defence and Risk (CyDR). He is primarily responsible for setting the strategic direction for socio-behavioural change as it relates to cyber-secure behaviours across Defence, but also provides consultancy to Defence human vulnerability and social engineering activities.
Drawing on significant experience, ongoing academic research, and an unending passion for the subject of psychology in cyber, Si actively seeks to share knowledge and best practice with any and all interested audiences within Defence, wider government, international partners, academia and industry.

Jean-Jacques de Dardel

Upon completion of his extensive diplomatic career, Jean joined a number of Swiss and international companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups and scale ups as member of their Board of Directors or Advisory Board. He is among others President of the Board of Swiss Centers Foundation and Group, Vice-President and Professor of Xinrui Business School and lecturer at the University of Zurich, President of Lemania International School Altdorf, Finma approved board member of Coninco SA and One Creation Cooperative financial companies. Founder and Chairman of Sinoglade International Consulting SA.

Frequent lecturer, author of 13 books on international relations, history and the arts as well as numerous book chapters, monographies and articles, Jean-Jacques is committed to bringing understanding for cyber security issues at the CEO and board level.

Nathan Smallshaw

Nathan is an accomplished Programme and Operations Manager with over 20 years’ experience in managing development teams and end-to-end operational and delivery management. Prior to joining ACP, Nathan led large scale banking automation and machine learning programmes for Tier 1 banking institutions, data warehouse programmes for Dell Computers, development and delivery of clinical trials software for Parexel, and spent several years leading the development of WPP’s advertising sales platform. SCRUM Certified, Nathan is applying his programme, process and operational skills to help ACP go above and beyond for every client.


Edite Ligere

Edite has participated in and advised on global regulatory standard setting and the national implementation of global regulatory standards. Edite is a regular contributor to various pro bono human rights and environmental initiatives, an author of various legal publications and a speaker at international and national conferences.

Edite Ligere holds an LLB (First) and an LLM from the University of London. She was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and is a Hubert Greenland Scholar of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.